Closed Source Projects

Please pardon the lack of specific company names. Much of our work is performed under NDA, so while generals can be discussed, any information which could provide advantage to a competitor or expose weaknesses is obscured.

Unix security compliance detection using IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager (aka Bigfix), State Government:

A state government desired to increase responsiveness and accuracy of system security scans, particularly on Linux and Unix servers. Script-based anomaly detection was rewritten to leverage the real-time scanning capacity of IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager’s native Relevance Language. Over a period of months, over ninety percent of checks were rewritten in relevance, allowing for real-time detection of non-compliance — a vast improvement over the previous weekly and monthly scans.

Mass account disable, State Government:

As a state government made sweeping infrastructure changes, security officials realized that several hundred user accounts needed to be disabled across several thousand stand-alone servers. A manual remediation effort was estimated to take weeks to implement. Andersand rapidly prototyped a cross-platform (Windows, Unix, Linux) solution leveraging IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager which successfully disabled all specified accounts. Within 48 hours of Andersand being engaged on the project, 99% of servers had successfully completed the account disables.