Server Virtualization

Please pardon the lack of specific company names. Much of our work is performed under NDA, so while generals can be discussed, any information which could provide advantage to a competitor or expose weaknesses is obscured.

Server Virtualization, Educational Institution:

An educational institution needed personalized Linux servers for students enrolled in their network administration degree program. Budget was extremely limited, as was available hardware. A hybrid solution, based on qemu/kvm, was built: As students logged into the system, their personal VM was started, and their ssh session was connected to the hardware console. When students logged off, or were disconnected, the server was gracefully shut down. This allowed more than sixty students to have individual servers — with up to 24 logged in at once — despite the entire system running on a dual cpu, quad-core Opteron box. Students were also capable of resetting their server to pristine state, allowing them to recover from system-crippling mistakes. Furthermore, ssh access to the virtualization server allowed students to access their machines outside classroom, lab or school hours.